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Question: I’ve never worked in the kitchen, but I’d like to change careers. Am I too old?

Answer: You’re never too old to learn new things. Culinary training is part of lifelong learning and with the types of careers in this dynamic field, there are many levels of starting out. And don’t rule out the self-employment options. We recommend that our students explore all career options while they are in class so that we can help with these tough decisions.

Question: I haven’t been in school for a long time and I’m afraid of the homework and tests. I really hate Math. Will I still be successful in the program?

Answer: you’re not alone! Most of our students are mature and have not had their “school brain” working for some time. You will be surprised how quickly it comes back to you especially since you are learning about something that you’re passionate about! We have options to repeat sessions and get extra help to assist with some of the back to school hurdles you might be facing. As for Math, think of it as common sense kitchen math; that makes it a bit easier. We’re not going to teach you how to solve algebra problems, but we will teach you how to convert a recipe and price a menu!

Question: What are the work hours for a cook and types of jobs available to me once I complete the program?

Answer: Great question! The food service industry is in the top 5 employers in Canada, so that will tell you there are a lot of job options out there for you to choose from. The main things to consider are your needs (can you move or will you work close to home? Do you need daytime hours or can you work weekends? Do you like gourmet foods or is ethnic cooking more your style? Do you prefer a large company or small business as your employer? Or have you considered self-employment?) there are a lot of questions that you can ask yourself and our CAPS (Career Action Plan Services) workshops will help you gear your resume to the employer of your choice and the food service area that you prefer, too. While you train you will find many areas of the industry that appeal to you (and some that don’t!)

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