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The Freedom And Pleasure Of Becoming A Personal Chef

We at Liaison College Durham strive to provide each and every student with guidance, whether as a post graduate, second career or retiree looking to fulfill their passion and broaden their knowledge of the cooking world. Here are a few testimonials from past students that have experienced the best our school can offer.

“A great place to learn!” states Martin, a recent graduate from Liaison College. Martin is my son, and has dreamed of becoming a cook for several years. He is on the Autistic Spectrum with significant learning disabilities, and has always struggled academically. Nevertheless, he persevered and succeeded in completing the Basic Cook diploma program at Liaison College. His success would not have been possible without the welcoming, supportive environment at Liaison, small class size, individualized attention, and expert training he received there, supplemented by tutoring organized by the school. Many thanks, Liaison College, for launching Martin on the road to realizing his dream!

Dr. Katharina Manassis, M.D., FRCPC
Child Psychiatrist, Professor Emerita University of Toronto, & Martin’s mother

"I was very pleased with how everything worked out. It gave me basic knowledge and the ability to become a more well rounded cook. I use it in organization, working in a team while still maintaining my individual integrity and willingness to learn. There are many things the school does not teach you however and it comes to you when you start working in restaurants."

Keith, Oshawa
Chef de Cuisine

"The kids and counsellors enjoyed themselves tremendously. It's been one of the most popular field trips in a number of years. A BIG thank you to all the staff that took time out of their day to foster the minds of young people (and possibly a few future chefs)."

Chantal Penrose,
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Clarington

"As an International Student at Liaison College Whitby, the experience of my study at that time was a good and memorable experience as the Chef instructor and the staff are very approachable and friendly. The stuff that i learned helped me to be where I am now working as a chef in Australia and helped me understand the basic skills and knowledge that I needed for the industry. It helped to build my confidence in what I do and communicate with other people as english is not my first language."

Anita, Indonesia
Chef de Cuisine

"I had a great experience at Liaison College Whitby Campus. The staff was very friendly staff, I had a good instructor with a lot of experience and that was very hands on. I found the classes detailed and informative as it felt more like a professional kitchen then just a classroom. I ended up working for Oliver and Bonacinni as a cook. I thoroughly enjoyed the Chefs Table portion of the course. It taught me how to be efficient with my time, and was a good way to learn menu costing too!"

Hailey, Pickering
Chef de Cuisine

"My time spent at Liaison Collage was the best practical culinary experience. Right down from the chef instructor, to all personnel and students who participated in the course with me. I learned so much during this professional culinary arts program. I have started working as sous chef at a local long term care facility here in Uxbridge. You too can take this experience and start working right away so don’t hesitate if you are passionate about cooking and love food like me then your cooking journey starts right here."

William, Goodwood
Chef de Cuisine

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